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"Keep America Safe" Rally, Crawford, Texas, May 22, 2004

Click for larger views of each picture

1. Listening to our speaker and preparing for the pledge of allegiance.

2. Provost Marshal of the 4th infantry division. Spoke about setting up Iraqi Police Forces.

3. Firefighters from Austin, Grapevine, Irving, and Lytton Springs.

4. Down town Crawford

5. It's Hot!!!!

6. Lytton Springs and family enjoying the day.

7. Banner dedicated to all the good volunteers out there being mis-represented by the IAFF.

8. Sierra. Is she a doll or what?

9. A wonderful Austin wife and family. Pablo's shirt sales in background.

10. Kids playing on the moonwalk big kids included.

11. Chris just back from Kuwait and me preparing for interview.

12. Local news interview.

13. Chris and family. BBQ master and best of friends.

14. Preparing for Pledge of Allegiance.

15. Listening to what it was like in Iraq.

16. We're hungry! We had to wait while you guys served up food for the soldiers out on the ranch!

17. Welcome home 4th Infantry!

18. ABC News

19. Bluebell and cake for dessert.

20. Crawford Fire Department went over and above.

21. Beautiful Austin Family!

22. Kids making a day of it!

23. Daddy just home from the war. Waving flags, singing the National anthem,and not missing a word!

24. Shooting the breeze.

25. Telling us about Iraq.

26. Irving made a strong turn out.

27. Some of the best girls I know!

28. It's good to have you home Dad! I only got to see you for a week before you went off to war.

29. Listening to the speaker

30. Quite a bunch of chefs!

31. Get your FF4B t-shirts here!

32. Welcome Home, Indeed!

33. How things are in Iraq

34. Listening and learning

35. Lots of "President Bush" t-shirts in this crowd.

36. The speaker was terrific! Thank you!