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Follow the Leader(s)
The Foreign Leaders Supporting John Kerry
Dan Schrader

                Before my next installment of articles about Harold Schaitberger and the IAFF I felt that I needed to weigh in on the current controversy that started when Sen. John Kerry made the comment that he had spoken to many foreign leaders that support him and hope that he beats President Bush. I won't need to go into the fact that several media organizations have done exhaustive research into just when Mr. Kerry could have talked to any foreign leaders face-to-face as he insists some of his contacts were………and came up with NONE that he could have met with. I will just deal with the ones that have publicly came out in support of him, and others that would obviously endorse his candidacy.

                The new prime minister-elect of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has just recently endorsed John Kerry.  Interestingly, Zapatero's party is the SOCIALIST'S Worker's Party.  So chalk one up for John-Boy in the SOCIALIST category. Fidel Castro can't be far behind.

                Next in the line are, of course, are our friends the French. The French people are just ga-ga over Kerry, and of course President Jacques Chirac would have to counted in the line-up for Kerry. Kerry has French roots after all, and I'm sure Jacques wasn't too happy with President Bush invading Iraq and taking away  his county's share of the U.N.'s "Oil-for-Food Program" cash.

                North Korean radio (government controlled) have been playing Kerry's speeches on their airwaves, so I am counting Kim Jong Il among Kerry supporter's as well. I'm sure he would much rather have a democrat in the White House so that he can negotiate another deal like he did with President Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Never mind that the Clinton/Carter deal counted on the "good faith" of North Korea, and promised them oil in return for not producing nukes. They got the oil……..AND the nukes. And I believe they know they can get an even better deal out of a Kerry administration.

                You get the idea here………..The Socialists, Communists, and the worse of all…..the French will all be supporting Kerry this year……..but let me throw just a few more on the pile.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide – Deposed Dictator of Haiti.

Mullah Omar – Self imposed ruler of the Taliban and Afghanistan.

Saddam Hussein – One of the MILLIONS that lost his job under the leadership of George W. Bush


Many more will be weighing in with their endorsements in the future. The question we have to ask ourselves is………"Who's side are WE on" ????


March 16, 2004

Dan Schrader