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Firefighters For Bush!

Guest Articles

Politically Myopic? The IAFF's Endorsement of Kerry - James W. Dundas

This is Not the Time to Transfer Command - Steve Simich - 08/10/04

Firefighters Betrayed - Adam Kinnon - 06/24/04

Firefighter Union President Should Listen to All Members Duane A. Trautman, IAFF Local 1952 - 04/28/04

An Open Letter to the IAFF President by LT Daniel J. McGovern, FDNY - 03/25/04

The IAFF and Harold Schaitberger - Part 2 - By: Dan Schrader Ex-IAFF member - 03/24/04

Follow the Leader(s) - Dan Schrader Ex-IAFF member - 03/18/04

Bush has done nothing for firefighters? - Elizabeth Crakes - 03/16/04

The IAFF and Harold Schaitberger - Part 1 - By: Dan Schrader Ex-IAFF member - 03/15/04

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Firefighters Hit Union and Top City Officials with Federal Charges for Violating Constitutional Rights - 07/19/04

First Responders Stand with President Bush to Make America Safe

Firefighters back Bush, blast Kerry on forest issues

BC'04 National First Responders Leadership Team

Zell Miller Rolls out Dems for Bush Campaign

Editorial on Kerry - Don Bendell Special Forces A-Team Green Beret Officer

The Dems' 'First Responder' fakeout - Michelle Malkin - 03/17/04

Union Politics - Linda Chavez - 03/14/04

President Bush Thanks Firefighters and Volunteers in California