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Firefighters For Bush:
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Name: Blake Redden - Charlotte, NC
comments: CONGRATULATIONS BROTHERS! It looks as if we've won! We and the rest of America have spoken our choice. The media/CNN/MTV/BET/Hollywood and even the IAFF, tried their best to make us feel like the Right was a dwindling group of Americans and that this election would prove what America really wanted. Well, if they think that's what America really wanted, then they have some soul searching to do and they need to look again! There's figures this time that show what real AMERICANs wanted. The real AMERICANs that have a moral backbone, can tell between right and wrong, and know freedom isn't free, have come out in force!

TO GEORGE W BUSH, let us raise a toast, for 4 more years of dignity, faith, honor, protection, support, and standing strong leadership that will not back down when opposed!!!

FIREFIGHTERSFORBUSH.COM, Capt. Jay Reimer and Chief Ray Powell, JOB WELL DONE! Get ready though, cause these four years will be hard and in four more years, we'll need you again! Whomever our candidate may be, whether it's Condoleeza Rice, Rudy Giuliani, or someone else, you can count on one thing, they'll be bringing out Hillary. That's scary!! I'll be looking for this group of brothers when that time roles around and probably before then to support W, if this page remains open.

BROTHERS, get ready for some whining and spitting, cause they are not going down with character. They will huff and puff, and sue and spew, until every last effort has been exhausted. Then, they will do everything they can, to ruin our president's next four years. They will bring up stories and lies, spewing dirt though out the media to make this presidency look like a failure. It is up to us, to continue to support W for the next four years, because I'm sure they'll be rough. We can't let them ruin his term and his name. So pray hard and don't stop showing your support just because the election is over. It's not over!

Be safe and Keep the Faith!!

ps - Someone come up with new clothing item designs or a slogan to show our post election continued support and we'll buy them!

Name: Peter Chojnacki
comments: I am the Captain of my Fire Department's Heavy Rescue Squad on Long Island. I am a veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Just Cause. I am an Emergency Medical Technician.

I thank you all for your great support of President Bush,and your help in securing his re-election.

May God bless you all,and May God continue to Bless America.

Name: FF for Bush Supporter, Orlando, Florida
comments: Looks like the "right" man won. The sweet smell of Conservatism will FINALLY start to choke out the Liberal stench that has been crippling America since Clinton/Gore. I have never been so proud of the people in this country for making the right choice at the right time at the right place!

God Bless our troops, God Bless our firefighters and God Bless America. Sorry, Harry, you endorsed a loser.

Way to go W!

Name: Cheryl Friend, Elm Valley Joint Fire District
comments: WE DID IT!!!!

Name: Jeff Hickman, FF/EMT-P Elida FD, IAFF Local 4020



Name: Kyle Marshall
comments: Congrats President Bush

Name: Tom Hoy NYCFD lad 31 ret



Name: Joe Toto, Lieut., Lad. Co. 16, NYFD (Ret.)
comments: Thank God for the intelligence of Firefighters around the nation making the re-election of George Bush for another 4 years a reality.

The IAFF notwithstanding, Firefighters showed the good sense that God gave them by rejecting that wavering liberal from Mass.

Up with the UFA and I'm shedding tears for the Uniformed Fire Officers Association of NYC for their poor judgement.

Name: Lt Tom McCabe, Stratford CT, Local 998
comments: It's tough being a Bush supporter in the liberal Northeast! Bush is the proper choice for his sincerity, morals and steadfastness of his beliefs in the face of hostile adversity.

He stopped the slide towards liberalism and now, with the Senate & House behind him, has a chance to truly change world and US history.

God Bless America and George Bush!

Name: Tony Cero Baltimore City Fire Dept L734
comments: Glad to see President Bush will be our president for 4 more years. I too voted my conscience on Tuesday as I see all of you did too. My family, my moral values, my guns and my way of life are more important to me than a promised dollar from some crooked politician.

Name: Jess Moore

Name: Robert Daniel L3516
comments: Good work guys, my FF for Bush decal will remain on my POV as a testament to the hard work to keep our President.

Name: Josh
comments: BUSH WIN

Name: John Fischer, Palm Beach County Fla. Local 2928
comments: Wow. I have read a lot of these posts, and I really couldn't add much more to what I've seen here written most eloquently by my fellow American Brothers and Sisters.

I initially towed the company line and supported Kerry. But today I'm proud to tell you all that I have officially "Flip Flopped" .. lol .. and I'm a Bush Man.

Our nation chose a course after 9/11. I believe it's the right course. A course that's been set by people who are far smarter than all of us here on this board, and quite frankly, smarter than George W. Bush. We should stick with it.

If we make a U-Turn now, the world will view us as "Those Stupid A$$ Americans", and it would be an admission of guilt, of which I don't believe we're guilty of anything.

I'm happy to see a lot of Brothers and Sisters from Texas on this board. The Kerry supporters in my local seem to think that every Firefighter in Texas loathes George W. because of something related to his decision not to fly governmental flags at 1/2 staff for 3 Texas Firefighters killed in the line of duty, while governor of Texas. I don't know the other side of that story, but seeing all of the support he's getting from the various Texas locals on this board, it's obvious that there just might be another side.

I hear people say that George Bush is arrogant. I've actually seen his arrogance. Once was when our war ships were steaming towards Afghanistan, and the Taliban yelled out: "Wait, Wait, let's talk about this !!" ... and George's reply was: "Sorry, time's up" ... lol ... I love that kind of arrogance !! ...

He wasn't trying to get some sort of "Global Test" approval from anyone. Anyway, I have a lot more, but I'll end here. Thanks for the forum to air it out like it should be. Keep your fingers crossed brothers and sisters.

Name: Lothar (Butch) Theilen Jr. Captain Local 3577
comments: I along with 90% of our union support our President. We are very disappointed in the IAFF for supporting some like Kerry. My vote is for the right man for the job. Go Bush

Name: B/C Kent Searle, Columbus, Ohio, Local 67
comments: Well, today is November 2, 2004 and in a short time this election will be over. I pray that the "will of God" will prevail in this election.

I believe that G.W. Bush is the man to lead this great nation down the "morally right path" and will have the best interest in America's Firefighters.

Great job FirefightersForBush! We will see the results of your labor in a short time.

Name: Doug Welsh, FF/Medic, Beavercreek FD, Beavercreek, Ohio
comments: (I found this page just following the last of the three presidential debates).

There is so much more at stake than just an election right now. The nation simply can't get this one wrong...for there is liberty in the balance.

The differences between Kerry and Bush are sharply contrasted: Kerry says we should apply a "global test" to defending our national interests, all the while denigrating the contributions of the men and women of 30 coalition countries who fight side-by-side with our brave soldiers. Nice way to create allies, Senator.

President Bush is a man of action who has the spine of a true leader and will not grow faint in the face of a global threat. No need for permission from the rest of the World. I am convinced that President Bush is the man who needs to be in command at this time in our history - more than ever before. Guided by a fear of the Almighty (and apparently little else), Bush is armed with a weapon that even terrorists have to respect - faith.

I share and salute the President's deep belief that freedom is the most precious component of the human race, as well as a potent agent against evil. May God bless his continuous, courageous and consistent leadership in his next term. And God Bless FF4Bush!

Name: John Canaga, Firefighter
comments: The first virtue of all really great men is that they are sincere. They eradicate hypocrisy from their hearts. - -- Anotole France

Thank you President Bush for bringing dignity and strength back to the Office of the President.

Name: Ed Garcia Local 1699 Union Treas.
comments: I'm so tired of money from my dues going to liberal ideology. I'm for Bush in 04. Let's push to get funding for conservative views and split funds from the IAFF as it should be to represent our members appropriately.

Name: Dan Faviere Local 4173
comments: Union or not Bush needs and deserves all firefighter's votes! I'm disgusted at the IAFF right now with all the propaganda crap they send me supporting "Scary Kerry"! Our great president was in Lakeland, Florida this past Saturday and we were all proud to have been there and listened to him. Schaitberger does NOT!! speak for me or 99% of my brothers at Lakeland Fire Department Local 4173. Let's keep the momentum going!

Bush/Cheney 2004!

Name: Martin F. Mazur; Overland Park, KS
comments: I am glad to see that there men and women brave enough to uphold their personal beliefs and go with who they fell is the stronger canidate.

I wanted to be a firefighter, but due to being hearing impaired in one ear, I knew I could not pass any physical.

But I am proud that I have a cousin in Texas who was a member of the Longview, TX fire Department for 20 years, retireing after an on-duty injury to his back.

I am equally proud in the fact that I have several aqauintances from my high school days in St. Joseph, MO, that are currently serving on the fire department up there.

You all do me proud and just need to say is to Mr. Bush, 4 more years!!

Name: District Chief M..L Stanley, IAFF Local 1349 Mobile, AL
comments: I sent IAFF General President Schaitberger a letter in April of 2004 expressing my outrage of his attack on President Bush for using 9/11 images in political ads. I also complained of the IAFF's endorsement of such a liberal candidate as John Kerry. I received a two page response from Harold that was filled with propaganda as to why Kerry was selected. I'm sure all of you have heard the reasoning and probably received the same letter.

Why the IAFF has taken this step still baffles me, especially after reading the posts on this site and realizing that the majority of IAFF firefighters identify with conservative values and/or are actually registered republicans. Whose side is the IAFF really on?

I have a son, that has served 3 tours in the middle east since the war on terror began. He re-enlisted for four more years during his first tour. He is stateside for now and came home to visit just last month. We talked a good deal about politics and the war in Iraq. Contrary to what I have heard from candidate Kerry, I was pleased to learn that one Airman's view of the war terror and the support the troops received from the Bush administration was very positive. I quote," Dad our equipment and pay is so much better than it was under Clinton!" He has already sent in his absentee ballot in support of President Bush.

Let's all help re-enlist Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush for four more years!

Name: Firefighter J. Walker..PFD
comments: Bush all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Shannon L. Towns
comments: Thank God President Bush has been there for us in our time of need, firefighters, policemen the military, all Americans. By the Grace of God he will be allowed to continue to serve us another term.

Name: Scott Dennett 1st Asst. Chief, Dixfield Fire Company, Dixfield, ME
comments: While not an IAFF member it burns me to see the leadership misuse the position for individual political gain. Especially when a majority of the membership is likely pro-Bush; at the very least anti-Kerry.

I applaud you fellow firefighters for seeing through Kerry's ultraliberal rhetoric. Kerry's out for himself, not firefighters. God help us should he win, I think he's scarier than Clinton.

Name: Ginger Harrison
comments: Keep up the good work and keep Bush in the White House!

Name: Claudia Garcia
comments: I am a PROUD supporter of Our President and of our Troops. I believe we are in the right track to a safer world. I believe President has the vision and is acting accordingly. I am very dissappointed in the attacks and the extent that the Kerry's supporters have gone to. This campaign has become a such a dirty and mean compaign. I Believe in our President and I believe in America. A PROUD BUSH SUPPORTER FROM MIAMI FLORIDA!

Name: Reno Contipelli
comments: I am firefighter in the Cleveland area and support President Bush.

Name: Herman Goetter
comments: The Democrats have taught a lot of Americans to hate our president. I think they have succeeded in causing a lot of Americans to hate the Democratic party.

Name: Tim and Jody Mackling
comments: Go Bush!! Who cares what the IAFF says? This Firefighter family supports George Bush!!!!

Name: Ray Murphy
comments: Keep up the good work!!

Name: Gene Fowler
comments: With all the B.S. from our union leadership, they had no choice but to endorse two "Johns".... I think the International House of Pancakes was the 2nd biggest contributor to their campaign, due to all the waffling that has been going on.

I have not met one firefighter who thinks that Our Nation`s President, has screwed them over, period.

In fact, it is quite to the contrary, most are amazed at his willingness to fund first responders. I under stand why he vetoed the first responer`s Senate bill, that had approximately 94% pork fat attached to it - that is called fiscal responsibility.

Join me brothers and asisters in boycotting the Democratic ticket, and heinz ketchup products.

Name: Robert C. Rotter Retired Inspector
comments: After 30 years as a firefighter, I retired from the Warren Michigan Fire Department in 1996.

Never once in all that time did the I.A.F.F. or the Michigan State Firefighters Union ever poll the rank and file to see who they wanted to vote for. Its about time we stood up and let our voices be heard.


Name: Lt. Serge Burack, L-123 FDNY
comments: When we go to the polls next Tuesday to cast our approval of GW Bush, make sure that elderly or disabled Neighbor has a ride also. If each of us takes one additional registered voter to the polls, we doubled our effort and helped our cause. Be safe Brothers.

Name: Mary Anne Smith, Bainbridge, IN
comments: Firefighters have always been my heroes, even more so since 9/11, and it has always mattered to me what you have to say. I'm so very glad you started this web site so people can see what is really going on.

A bit of cheer can be brought here today! There is hope for the future, not only for this election! "Since 1956, Weekly Reader students in grades 1-12 have correctly picked the president, making the Weekly Reader poll one of the most accurate predictors of presidential outcomes in history." Our President got 60% of their vote!

FIREFIGHTERS.....Thank you for all you have done for me, for my family and for our nation!

Name: Lt. Ronald Huffman, Local 1722
comments: Thank you for providing a location for the rest of use to show our support for a presidential candidate that I personally believe is the best man for the job. It's about time that we had a president that will stand up and defend this great nation.

I am also the emergency management director for Henry County, Indiana. Thanks to the funding that President Bush has been able to supply, our local emergency service workers are better equipped to handle emergencies other than the most basic hazardous materials/biological incidents. This is not the same world as it was when I joined the FD. We now need to be better prepared for terrorist activities that include chemical, biological and radiological events in addition to the normal day to day emergencies.

It really bothers me when I see the yellow shirts that endorse Kelly for president.

I was not asked my opinion and had I been, I would not have supported the decision to support Kelly. I, my family and anyone that I can convince will be voting for President Bush.

Name: Mark James
comments: Character counts. Kerry has none. President Bush has shown great character and has NOT stooped to Kerry's level.

Kerry will say ANYTHING to get elected. He will promise the union the WHOLE WORLD if he thought it would put him in power. WAKE UP AMERICA!


Name: William Becker
comments: I did'nt know you guys were out there until my Chief told me! I can't believe the IAFF and the Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin are endorsing Kerry! They jumped on his bandwagon BEFORE he was even officially nominated as a cadidate! And yet they say its because of the issues! I don't think so, this was before the "issues" were even known!

Name: Dominique
comments: I as well as my family are strong Bush supporters, altho I am only 16 and can not yet vote. I live in an area densely populated with Kerry supporters and most of them, don't even understand or know Kerry's views. The ignorance of these Americans today disgust me. If you want to speak out on behalf of John Kerry, that's perfectly fine, you have that right, but to be in favor of him when you have no idea what he believes in is pathetic.

John kerry is an indescisive a****le, voting against things that he now, running for president, promises to reform. We need a strong president who knows what must be done to stop terrorism and who will do it. We need a leader. God Bless Our Troops. And god bless the American people..make the right choice. and vote Bush

Name: Jason & Lauren Applewhite
comments: Our brother in law in a fireman... Thanks for such an encouraging website. The media makes it look like all firefighters are for Kerry. Glad to see you guys are on the ball!!!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT BUSH & AMERICA!

Name: Todd P. Stone - Prosper FD - IAFF L4193
comments: Despite the International's misguided endorsement of Senator Kerry, the President has the support of numerous firefighters that I know and the majority of the membership of IAFF L4193.

Name: Tim Meyer - Local 257, Appleton, WI
comments: I can't think of many more things right now that turn my stomach more than Kerry speaking at a rally, surrounded by yellow T-shirts.

I am not much of a Republican, but I sure as hell ain't a Democrat. We have good jobs and no one is in position to take that away from us. It is time for our local leaders and executive boards to start paying attention to the big picture and not their own agendas. see you at the polls.....

Name: Sandra Thompson Baxter Fire & Rescue, Athens, Texas

Name: Dave Corcoran Local 2928
comments: It certainly would be nice if our beloved union actually asked its members who they want.

It would also be nice if they supported who would be best for the country not just themselves.

Typical democrat attitude - what can you do for ME? I dont know about the rest of you but I believe in working for what you got.

BUSH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Chris Scudder, University Fire Dept., Fairbanks, AK.

Name: Bernie Johnston, L23/A "House of Dragons"-Philly, Local 22
comments: I remember going to a lot of funerals, after 9/11. I remember seeing the lights from "Ground Zero", from the distance. One night I went to a viewing for Mike Caroll, of Ladder 3. I met his family, that he left behind. I met his brother, who said to me, "Thanks for driving all this way to see my brother." That got to me, being one of three boys. I left that funeral home, looked to my right, and saw the lights. I had to see.

I drove down to Canal St and parked my car. I got a ride down to the site by NYPD. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was still smoldering. It took a minute to adapt to the smell. It was smelt like a normal job. But then you could smell the bodies. I never forget that smell. I'll never forget that site. I never forget my 343 brothers. I'll never forget the hurt. I don't want to ever feel like that again.

Now, I'm married. My number one priority is the safety of my family (and making sure that I come home in one piece).

And, I know that the number one priority of President Bush is the safety of his citizens.

I hear bitter people talk about 1,000 dead soldiers. Well, that's the chance you take when you sign all those papers, get sworn in, and put on that uniform. Anyone who has served knows that. I knew that. You take that chance.

Then we extend our time serving by doing what we do today... ...Fighting the "Red Devil".

Our International is misguided. They cannot see the forest through the trees.

Without national security we don't get to have the other things that our union fights to obtain for us.

Kerry is the wrong vote, wrong guy, wrong time.

Name: Ken Cardinale, Captain Local 1319
comments: It is an outrage that the IAFF came out to support John Kerry without polling the locals. The Union leadership is out of touch with it's members.

A majority of the firefighter's in the IAFF understand the need to re-elect Prersident Bush. I went to New York just after 911 and saw first hand what this enemy did to our brothers so many citizens.

John Kerry will not protect our nation nor provide support to the first responders. Just look at his voting record, it speaks loudly about the man.

We need a leader like President Bush, more today than ever. We need his strengths, conviction and leadership for four more years.

Our nation's security is at stake, we are at war with terrible foe that has to be defeated at any cost.

Name: Susan Mills, FF/PM, Montgomery County, MD
comments: As much as I do not "DO" politics, I am finding it necessary to have a voice.

I am proud to be a Bush supporter.

I am not happy to be included with the majority of the IAFF. Nor that my moneys are helping to support Kerry.

I am excited to see that there are other FFs that support our current President. I love hearing President Bush speaking outwardly of God, praying, and standing by his moral ethics.

Blessings to all; God Bless America and our President.

Name: Lt.David Bloodworth ( Hapeville Fire Rescue )
comments: God Bless George Bush.

Name: Jerry Miller, Training Officer Mtn. Grove, Mo.
comments: A vote for Bush is a vote for tomorrow

Name: Jack D Williamson, Chief, Central Fire, Madison County, AL.
comments: Let anyone without mistake in the heat of battle cast the first axe. We make decisions under stress each time the alarm sounds. Where mistakes are made they are learned from, then we move on. Each of us a judged by the long term and not through the rehearsed wisdom of false information campaign speeches where lies abound and discredit is brought upon the unknowing.

Name: Rachel Sowell- Firefighter's Girlfriend for Bush!!

Name: Steve Montemuro
comments: I been with the Phila F.D now for 26 yrs we been battling every Democrat administration since I been on the job and I'm sure it was going on before I got there, since the Democrats have had a noose on this city for over 70 yrs.

I've been layed off twice by the Dems and our local has taken serious cutbacks and service reductions over the yrs all at the hands of Democrats some of whom like Ed Rendell are still in power and endorsed by the IAFF.

There is an old saying that the "friend of my enemy is my enemy".. well,... thats the IAFF

Name: Captain Garry Bass Local 2542

Name: Gerry Lucas Ex Capt. eng. 1-2-1 Babylon FD NY
comments: I don't know where unions get off thinking for everyone! It makes the General population think we all support Kerry!

If that idiot gets elected, he'll just hand the country over to the terrorist!

I was here in NYC that day! And can tell you why FDNY supports President Bush! He's a tough leader that will to do what needs to be done to protect our country!

That attack ( 9/11) was planned on Clinton's watch! And I hold him fully responsible! He like most Democatics have their heads in the sand and have no clue what's going on in the world around them!

And Kerry supporters are mindless idiots that are so gullible they will believe anything! Look they elected a draft dodging, liar twice! Just because he's a good B/S artist! And a lot of stupid women voted for him, not because he's a good leader, but because he's cute! That's scary!





Name: Fred Pings, FF / PAramedic, Stevens Point, WI L-484
comments: I wrote Harold Schaitberger 4 years ago just prior to the election ( the one Al Gore almost stole) and asked "How are you planning on getting anything done at the federal level when you wake up and find out that George Bush won? You have been maligning him for so long I don't believe you will accomplish anything. How indeed when he is re-elected. No wonder the union has no sway in D.C.

Name: Gene Fowler, Firefighter L-3625
comments: I Know where the weapons of mass destruction are!!!!! They are making endorsements in the name of all firefighters in the IAFF.... we were NEVER polled in our local, or any other local that I am aware of.... that does not mean the IAFF did not poll anyone... I believe the "poll" never left the board room at IAFF HQ...

Bush has done more for us than Clinton ever did, and he has done more the Kerry ever could... and if by some chance Kerrry should win, and Schaitberger gets an appointment, we will know what it was all truly about....

I vote MY concious, and MY convictions, NOT what our illustrious leadership in Washington D.C. reccomends...

In my humble opinion, My President is already in office, and he is doing a GREAT job!!! Go BUSH!!

Name: Bill Wirtz, Battalion Chief; Snohomish County Fire District 7; Snohomish, WA
comments: Thank you for this website and the assurance that there ore other fire service personnel that support President Bush and his proven leadership!

It was the Bush Administration that provided (3) Assistance to Fire Fighters Grants to our department - at a time when such support is crucial. It's a shame those "Firefighters for Kerry" t-shirts are always shown in the liberal media coverage. We need to get the message out to other media outlets such as Fox to show and interview more fire service personnel who support our president.

As a former IAFF member, I've been disappointed by the blind support for Senator Kerry by professional firefighters secondary only to the IAFF endorsement, which appears to be self-serving only and not in the best interest of our country. To my knowledge, President Bush has clearly demonstrated his administration's support to firefighters.

Simply prioritize your values, morals, concern with national security and vote for the candidate that will best lead with honor, integrity, and purpose! I will vote for President Bush - I believe it's the right thing to do.

Name: Lt. Stephen Alexander (Miami-Dade Local 1403)
comments: I can't believe that our Union would, without polling its members, support political candidates that clearly do not stand for our best interests.

To make it worse, they use our money and standing in our communities to do it. We can't allow this.

This Firefighter is for Pres. Bush.

Name: Firefighter Kevin Rodgers Village Fire & Rescue Local 3921 Houston, Texas
comments: We will continue to support our President. Good luck on the 2nd and God Bless Mr. President.

Name: Captain Byron Doss, Ft. Irwin Fire, Ca.
comments: I voted Bush, absentee. Glad its done. Now make sure you all vote... (the W) :)

Name: Erick Nieves Firefighter/Paramedic. Local 112, Los Angeles, CA.
comments: I pray to God that Pres. Bush is elected again. He is steady, focused and grounded in something higher than himself. God Bless George Bush and God Bless this awsome United States of America!

Name: Donnie & Laura Archibald - Houston Fire Local 341
comments: My wife and I are both FF's and we heartily support Pres. Bush and have already voted early in support of the prez.

Name: Tim Millspaugh
comments: I am a 27 year veteran of the FD, and yes I am voting for Bush!!

The local Unions that are endorsing the traitor Kerry are merely sheep falling for what the AFL/CIO is telling them - make up your own mind instead of following what a big beaurocracy is telling you to think.

Firefighters, whether union or not, have a lot in common with military veterans and many are veterans themselves..

A vote for Kerry is a slap in the face to all veterans in this country, past present and future. He has denegrated the memory of those who have given their lives..

He is a very dangerous, deceiving person... who cares nothing about our profession..

Name: Capt. Pete Healy, Southfield, MI F.D. Local 1029
comments: God bless our nation, and God help us because we are really going to need it. We are at war and our union leadership only sees the smaller picture.

Name: Jesse Egert Firefighter/Paramedic PBGFR L2928
comments: W Forever! By the way Anyone see that crap video put out by the IAFF? Did we pay for that? Who produced it, Michael Moore? God Bless America and President Bush!

Name: Jim Davis, EMT-P
comments: Thank You to the folks that keep this site. I am one of very few at my EMS Service that supports The President. I will share this site with the few others.

Name: Alex Diaz FF/PM Local 2 Chicago
comments: I heard of your website thru a fellow brother, thank you for your hard work.

We need strong leadership in our great country, so this is not the time to vote for a man who will bring our country to ruins.

Bush is the only answer!!!

Name: Linda
comments: I am not a firefighter or a wife of a firefighter but a friend of a firefighter and I believe in what George W. Bush stands for. I don't believe that we need a president that flip flops on topics like Kerry does.

Keep up the good work President Bush

Name: Dennis Dykhouse GRFD
comments: I am a professional firefighter of 24 years. I support President Bush for moral and personal reasons. As a firefighter, I cannot support any candidate who endorses partial birth abortion. As an American, I cannot support any candidate who is a traitor to his country and is enshrined in the Communist North Vietnam War Hall of Fame. Mr. Kerry is the most liberal member of the Senate, even more than Kennedy. Ultra liberals are scary even to Union members. Our troops overwhelmingly support President Bush, I trust their judgement, they are the ones there.

Name: Mark Danley local 366 Grand Rapids, MI
comments: I can not and will not support my union's position on voting for Kerry! I have not been polled by my union at any level; local, state or international. As a Christian, I have a moral obligation to follow Biblical values and this goes for electing who will represent me and my country as well. The taking of life through abortion and the destruction of the institution of marriage are positions held by Kerry that I will not support. I am a firm backer of President Bush and will tell anyone who will listen why.


Name: Chief Dwayne Pratt
comments: I am the Fire Chief of the LaBelle Volunteer Fire Dept. in LaBelle, Florida. I am proud to say that I support George W. Bush 100 % in his re-election bid. I am a born-again Christian and I truly believe that President Bush is a man of God and is the only person capable to be our Commander-in-Chief. I have been a firefighter for 25 years, am not part of the IAFF, but if I was I would be very upset of their support of John Kerry. I urge everyone to look within their hearts and support and vote for President George W. Bush. He is a man that I can say I am proud say he is my President and brother in Christ.

Name: Firefighter Parrish Brown, Bloomington, IL
comments: "Four More Years" and let's keep all the liberals out of power.

Name: Firefighter Don Gesualdi L- 3224
comments: Bush has done a tremendous job up till now and I'll be siding with him for another four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Ken McKenzie, Cumberland Firefighter's Local 1715, Equipment Operator - Paramedic
comments: How can the IAFF worry about who might get more money or more people or a possible appointment of our General President to Labor Secretary?

Labor Secretary of what? The wimps of the world?

I want the Man with the Balls and the Backbone to do what needs done not what is the most popular at the time! President George W. Bush.

Name: Lt. Paul Purcell EFPD

Name: Sergeant Jeanna Quinones and Officer James Quinones, LAPD
comments: It's a good thing we came across this site because we were starting to wonder why we heard about so many firefighters supporting Kerry.

Unfortunately, voting for a Republican president here in California always feels like a losing battle. But, we proudly drive around South Los Angeles with our W'04 bumper stickers and don't give a $%#! if anyone has a problem with it.

Keep up the good work and make sure you get to the polls!

Name: Ryan H.
comments: This NC firefighter is diehard for BUSH!!

Name: Mark Gilliam, Metro West FPD, St. Louis, MO Local 2665
comments: I've been a Republican all my life, and about two years ago my dept joined the IAFF. I was very excited to join this fraternity, brotherhood, or whatever you wish to call it.

But since the political movement began this year, I have to say I have been nothing but disappointed. Every local meeting that I've attended I sit there and listen to these radical liberals spew loads of crap about how everyone's trying to screw them over. They talk about how Kerry and Edwards are the right men for the job.

I don't know what they've been listening to, but if they would pay attention and look at the facts, they'd see that these two idiots don't have a clue on how to run this country. We are in the middle of a war, recovering from a recession, dealing with record-high healthcare cost increases, and yet they believe that the first thing the Johns-show is going to address is what the firefighters want. I agree, we need a candidate that's going to listen to us and take care of us, but lets start by looking at our own international first.

The IAFF President stamped our endorsement on a candidate, before the primaries were even held, and he picked the most liberal cadidate possible. I have to say that it really pisses me off to know that a percentage of my hard-earned dollars are going towards a candidate who's using us as the biggest pawn in his campaign.

Stick together brothers and sisters, and vote for the man who has been taking care of us for the last 4 years.

Thanks for making it possible for those of us on the right to have a voice in this profession.

Name: Senior / Firefighter Michael R. Browning
comments: My son just came back from Iraq. He came back with a renewed since of accomplishment and national pride.

I support my president who I feel stands for righteousness and truth. He embraces life. He stands for international liberty.

Name: Lieutenant,Michael Clark, Local #2095 Stillwater, Oklahoma
comments: I am very proud to be a firefighter that supports our President and the direction in which he is leading our country. (Franklin D.Roosevelt said "We Americans of today, together with our allies, are passing through a period of supreme test.It is a test of courage - of our resolve - of our wisdom - our essential democracy.").

Let's stay the course and get President Bush back in the White House.

Name: Ken Barton, Captain, Tulsa Fire Department, Sta. 51-B
comments: I am a 26 year career firefighter with the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma Fire Department. I am a registered Democrat, but a staunch supporter of President Bush.

I have found John Kerry to be a two-faced liar who, for instance, will tell you he is a hunter while voting for legislation that would make illegal almost all center-fire hunting ammunition, as well as voting for legislation that would make illegal virtually all semi-automatic weapons.

This includes that shotgun that our union brothers gave him.

John Kerry is a liar, telling people what he thinks they want to hear.

Name: Marcus Burns Firefighter for the Fairfax, IA Volunteer Fire & Rescue Dept.
comments: I enlisted in the Army after Sept 11, 2001, and was just discharged after a 3 year enlistment with the 187th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne (Air Assault).

After seeing first hand the good we are doing in both Afghanistan and Iraq, it scares me to think of having anybody alse in the White House, especially Senator John Kerry.

Name: Christopher E Braunger - Local 4007
comments: I was very disappointed when the IAFF came out to support Kerry. I thought this was an example of typical politics. How much of our union dues are going to support this guy? The Union is supposed to represent all its members. Schaitberger bombed on this one, in my opinion.

The clincher for me was when the New York City firefighters union came out in public support of our President. They would know, better than any of us, whether or not the President was true to word and duties. This obviously means alot to them. Thank you for everything your doing! God Bless.

Name: Tom Lynch, Retired FDNY
comments: To: President George W. Bush, We the citizens of Rockaway, Queens, a community in the City of New York, were particularly hard hit by the events of September 11th, 2001.

We lost an inordinate number of our neighbors, family members and friends on that day, many of whom, as police and firefighters, were first responders dedicated to the saving of lives.

We sign this letter of gratitude and recognition of your steadfastness, compassion and bold leadership in the face of that horrendous attack.

Your appearance at what has come to be called Ground Zero in the days immediately following the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers demonstrated your commitment to the defense of this nation and to the honoring of those who lost their lives on that dreadful day.

We wish to express our continued support for your efforts to ensure that the terrorists, and those who support them, will find no respite from America's resolve to bring them to justice or, as you have so eloquently put it, to bring justice to them.

We have collected approximately seven hundred signatures from citizens of the Rockaway peninsula and we would take pride if you would add them to your site in support of our President.

ED: Please send a doc or txt file and we'll be glad to put it up for you. Thank you and bless you.

Name: Lieutenant Robert C. Bounds Jr.
comments: The greatest president since Ronald Reagan. The United States is the leader in world affairs and I think it is great that President Bush told the United Nations to pack sand.

As a former member of the military I would ask why so many liberals question the move to war when civiians were attacked on 09/11, when no one questioned the United States involvement in WW II after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a strictly military installation.

Name: Jim Nelson Engineer Ladder 43 local 493 Phoenix AZ

Name: Jim Nelson Engineer Ladder 43 local 493 Phoenix AZ
comments: Thank you guys for having the fortitude to stand up for the (I believe) silent majority.

Too many of our brothers and sisters are bullied into silence by our overbearing union leadership.

Most of the Firefighters that I work with would agree that a bigger government giving us a 4% raise next year instead of a 2% raise is infinately less important to us than the real issues to be decided by our next President.

The makeup of the Supreme Court, the protection of our unborn children, our national security, and our right to defend ourselves are but a few of these issues. God bless Pres. Bush and America.

Name: EVD Ryan Wenger T-10 Baltimore City Fire Dept.
comments: We need 4 more years of "W" in the White House. This is a difficult time with the war on terror and we need a strong leader, not someone like Kerry who changes his mind on every issue because he has no core belief.

I live in a heavily democratic state, and for a group of people that say they support firefighters, they never show it.

Name: Anonymous, Local 2665 St Louis county
comments: Firefighters in 2665 are For Bush

Name: Jim Whitsett, IAFF Local F-282
comments: Regardless of whom is elected, Federal Firefighters are being laid off left and right to "save money". This will only get worse if a democrat gets elected (cutting military). John Kerry can promise nothing to us. I wish George Bush would do more Federal Firefighters if he is elected. The Navy is currently cutting engine companies and accepting the risk of losing lives (firefighter and civilan) and property. We need to protect our assets at home as well. I am a George Bush supporter. "Ain't Fonda Kerry!!!" I don't recall getting a vote from the IAFF on whom we should support.... Do you?

Name: Bill, LA City
comments: Bush gets my vote!!

Name: Joe Green EGH
comments: This is a great way for people to express thier passion for what is right. I believe that having President Bush for another four years will make our country stonger and allow FF's to get back on thier feet, and not have reservations about Kerry's decisions.

Let Bush finish the job he started. We're all in better hands with a man that stands his ground.

Name: Jeb S. McGinity, Fire Captain Ventura County Fire Dept.
comments: I fully support President Bush. It is outrageous that our IAFF does not support our president.

Perhaps it is time we take another look at who's running the IAFF!

Name: Richard Naples Lt. FDNY L-18 Retired
comments: I've seen many brave acts, among them are President Bush coming to NYC only days after the Attack, standing in the rubble of the WTC and throwing out the first pitch at Yankee's Stadium.

He declared war on the Jihadists in words and more importantly with action.

President Bush has my vote.

Name: Ellen, Legal Secretary, Louisiana

Name: Adam Hughes
comments: I am a firefighter from Illinois that strongly supports President Bush. My department is not union at this time, and I'm thankful that I don't pay union dues so that the higher ups in the union can throw that money at a candidate that I strongly oppose. Great site.


Name: Jessica, Wyatt, & Scott Coker
comments: My Vote is for morals, leadership, Honesty, and common sense. My vote is for Bush!

I am a Volunteer Firefighter from Florida and all in my department feel the same as I do. I am ashamed at the way the IAFF has has promoted such a candidate who has no sense of reality.

Name: Anthony Daugherty, Eden Prairie Fire Department
comments: I am a Member of the Army National Guard, I served in Desert Storm, I retire in January with 20 years of service in the Army.

I STRONGLY support President Bush.

All Americans need to step back, ignore the negative rhetoric of the opposition and the Liberal News Organizations, and consider what President Bush has accomplished.

Will we need another 9/11 to open liberal eyes? Don't kid yourself; the choice is clear President Bush is who we want to lead our war on terrorism. President Bush is the leader we need to stand up to those who want to tear down the sanctity of marriage.

May God bless America and those who uphold his truths! Four more years! Go President Bush, you have my vote!

Name: Captain Wesley Green L-3417

Name: Kathie Gatewood
comments: Holy cow, what is with the IAFF backing Kerry? Backroom promises? I come from generations of firefighters and cannot think of one Democrat President that did anything for the firefighters. Can you imagine in the days after 9.11 AL GORE being the President to deal with the crazy stuff happening? Oh, hell no.

I can't picture Clinton, Gore or Kerry being as level-headed and calm. What were we supposed to do after the terrorists attacks? Say "Ok, well all these people are dead, we'll just move on and ignore it."

Bush stepped in and did what any Texan would - he fought back!! Notice he never gave pardons to the death row inmates in his state when gov of Texas? He doesn't take any c**p.

Name: Captain Larry Edmiston, Los Angeles County, Ret. Local 1014
comments: From his wife: Larry is currently recovering from two strokes and aortic surgery but asked that I register him here. Our family is 100% in support of President Bush.

To anyone from FDNY who may see this, please know that our family has furnished flowers for our church every Christmas and Easter since 9/11/01 "In Memory of 343 New York City Firemen." We will NEVER forget!

ED: Prayers for your husband, and thank you for honoring the fallen!

Name: Larry Hayden Local 366 Grand Rapids Mi.
comments: I am getting very irritated by our union spending my money campaning for Kerry.

I am not pleased with the IAFF endorsement of Kerry but I was told that it was in my best interest.

I don't think so! And no I was not polled either, big surprise.

Name: Sean Obrebski FF/EMT, Newport, RI - Local 1080
comments: I believe President George Bush is a man of integrity who is doing his best to lead our country in the right direction in every respect.

He may make mistakes, just as we all have and will, however he still remains humble and carries on.

George Bush is a God fearing man and we need his leadership and others like him to lead us now and in the future.

We need to re-elect President Bush - God help us if we put Kerry in the oval office!!!

Name: Capt. Dave Lanting, Local 366, Grand Rapids, MI
comments: I am certain that the MAJORITY of my Local's members support Bush, as I do, and for this I am very thankful.

Maybe someday the blind minority will wake up and realize their ignorance. Keep up the good work and VOTE FOR BUSH!

Name: Lt. Marc Coppernoll, Marietta, OH Local 442
comments: One of the most disheartening things about the IAFF endorsing Kerry is the fact that he sold out our Armed Forces before for his own gain and he will do it again.

We can not allow our Country to be subjected to that lack of morals and character.

Let's keep integrity in the oval office. Let's Keep George W. Bush.

Name: George Murphy
comments: Thanks for making this effort. You are on the front lines too. May God keep us safe!

Name: Mike Muirhead, Local# 3832, So. Arizona
comments: I was never asked which candidate that I supported, I was just told to support Kerry because that is who the IAFF is supporting.

When I asked why, the only issue that was mentioned over and over was "he wll give us more money" and "Bush hates firefighters".

My biggest problem with this is that to support a candidate solely on the issue of what he will do for me, is in my mind extremely narrow minded. What about what is best for the country as a whole?

What happens if we elect Mr. Kerry and he gives us everything that we want but also turns our national defense over to the U.N.

President Bush is the best, no, the only choice to lead our nation at this time. I am very glad to see that there are alot more of us than our union leadership has led us to believe. VOTE BUSH!!!

Name: Jim Nelson Engineer Ladder 43 local 493 Phoenix AZ

Name: Beth Zornes
comments: Great site. It's a pity the media won't let you be heard. One can only hope your site does some good. I'll be sharing this will everyone on my e-mail list.

Name: Captain Larry Edmiston, Los Angeles County, Ret. Local 1014
comments: Our family is 100% for Bush. God bless America!

Name: Mark Nash Bristol Virginia Fire Dept.
comments: As for me and my Rig we support a GOD Fearing Man!!! Thank you, Mr. President for all you stand for! GO Bush

Name: Ryan Primeau Soon to be Vol FF, station 17 Chesterfield,Va
comments: I am glad by the support that this website is getting and that there are so many ff's that can see the facts about how much of a coward, and a liar Kerry is.

I am volunteering to be fire fighter and would be glad to join an association of brothers and sisters who support Bush for the facts; not just because they grew up republican or democrat and always voted so, But to choose the candidate that is the better, for their views and their record.

That is the only way that the leaders of our government can be choosen to best represent us. I believe that Bush is the only one who can continue to lead this country through the hard times that we may face in the near future. May God keep President Bush and God bless you all.

Name: D. Swinney - Reno, NV. IAFF Local 731
comments: Firefighters globally supported FDNY after 9/11. Now FDNY has been abandoned. I am embarrassed and ashamed of the International. Bush 2004!

ED: Yes, the smears and attacks on the FDNY members are shameful. Our best wishes have been with FDNY since 9-11 and they will remain so.

Name: Scott Morris Bonita Springs, FL L3444
comments: I voted for this president last time around....and I will be voting for him again!!! GO BUSH 2004!!!!!

Name: Eric J. Tomaskovic, Lisle-Woodridge Local 2986 Black Shift Steward
I believe strongly in President Bush and what he has done for our country.

I feel that electing a far-left liberal like Kerry would be disastrous for our country's security, yet would only have very limited benefits for our union.

Most policies concerning unions and collective bargaining come from state legislatures and to some extent the federal legislature, not the executive branch.

Regardless, what most Kerry supporters don't think of is that because he has flip-flopped on so many issues, it's only a matter of time before he does the same regarding his support for labor. I believe that Kerry would support anti-labor forces in a moment if it were politically advantageous for him.

More importantly than that, President Bush has shown strong leadership in the war on terror, and electing Kerry would be an incredible stroke of luck for our terrorist enemies. Kerry would change the focus of the war from President Bush's policy of "defend America first" to one which subjugates our interests to that of the United Nations.

Remember, sixty percent of UN member nations are either totalitarian dictatorships or under one-party rule, so this rabidly anti-American organization can never be trusted to be the world's beacon of democracy or to care about the freedom of our citizens.

I am the steward for my shift, Black Shift. While I am dedicated to helping my brothers in need and watching out for their contractual rights and overall well being, I cannot support the political views of the IAFF. The International's single-issue viewpoint is, I believe, far out of step with the rank-and-file's desire for a strong and terror-free America, and I couldn't care less if the International is monitoring this website and its membership.

Taking a stand is more important than one's personal standing in an organization.

When I see the all the yellow T-shirts behind Kerry at his campaign appearances, I cannot help but think that they are all officers and bigwigs in their local and state organizations, and not representative of all of us regular firefighters out there who are trying to preserve an American way of life with a strong, safe, free future for all, not just enhanced political clout for our union.

I will always support the members of my union, but not my union's current politics. I am supporting President Bush and his competent leadership and stewardship of this great nation.

Thank you very much for this forum allowing all of us to voice our support of our commander in chief.

God bless the United States of America!

Name: Diana Meitzler

Name: Steve Wright - Former F-291
comments: I am a former firefighter at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, Kentucky (F-291). I am sickened by Firefighters for Kerry.

My local was never polled by the IAFF. John Kerry and his lies are being shoved down the throats of firefighters in this country. The IAFF is telling its members to not have an opinion and that is wrong.

Congratulations to Firefighters for Bush for doing the right thing. Keep it up!

Name: Kim Buffkin
comments: I support Bush. I wish we would have been polled so our vote would have counted.

I don't like the fact that America thinks all firefighters support Kerry - we really had no say in the matter.

The IAFF has really disappointed me.

Name: Jeff Baxter firefighter/emt GA
comments: I am a big supporter of MR GEORGE BUSH and a proud FIREFIGHTER. I think that this country is being led in the right direction.

I hope that MR BUSH will not think that the IAFF is the voice of all FIREFIGHTERS.

I bought 3 FIREFIGHTERS FOR BUSH T-SHIRTS today, 1 for me 1 for my wife and 1 for my 2 1/2 year old son and we will all wear them PROUDLY.

Name: Michael Thorpe Jr, Baltimore City Local 734
comments: It's about time we stand up and support who WE want for President!

Name: Judy Greer
comments: I am the mother of a young man who will turn 22 yrs. old in thirteen days. My son became a firefighter/paramedic due to the events of 9/11 and has served our community proudly for over a year now.

I was absolutely incensed when he brought home his IAFF magazine with Kerry's picture on the cover and the ringing endorsements inside. Not to mention the same old exaggerations of jobs lost, etc. that the Dems use to justify their status.

How glad I am to find out about this website and that, (unlike what the IAFF would have us all to believe) there are many, many firefighters who do stand up for intergrity, honesty and moral decency rather than the financial gain they can expect from a candidate.

God bless you all for your sacrifice, courage, and service. As a proud Texan, from George Bush's hometown of Midland, I will continue to pray that we will be blessed with four more years of his dedication and strong leadership.

Name: Billy Smith
comments: I and many of the firefighters I work with in Pompano are voting for the President. I have the bumper stickers and a hat, and have seen many cars with similar stickers!

The biggest thing that bothers me is that my money goes to fund the Kerry campaign, there has to be a way that this stops.

Name: Jim Casper IAFF Local 3405 Oak Lawn, IL
comments: Although the IAFF endorses Kerry, I, and many of my union brothers do not.

Liberals have no place in the oval office and are a threat to our safety and way of life.

This man is a snake and will say anything it takes to advance his political career.

Bush all the way.

Name: Tara
comments: I am not a Firefighter. I can't even vote yet, because i am only 16, but my father is a Firefighter in New York City and i would just like to say...


Name: Liutenant John Peters IAFF member
comments: Brothers & Sisters

Sad to say that once again My Union the IAFF has sold its soul to the DEVIL.

I will lead or follow you into HELL and fight its Flames.

But I will not join my union - and support a traitor to the nation I love - in HELL.

Name: Joel Harris
comments: I am a Captain with the Phoenix Fire Department with 29 years in service. I endorse President Bush for his tough stance and commitment to fight terrorism. This must take precedence over everything else. If we do not remember what happened on 9-11 we could be caught off-guard again.

Bush is not the only person making tough choices but he is the Commander-in-Chief. Between Kerry and the media, he is the obvious target for second guessing when things don't go perfectly. The WMD controversy always goes against Bush. Kerry and his writers have beaten that horse to death. What did Saddam use on the Kurds in Northern Iraq? I don't think it was grape Kool-aid.

Saddam and his army had plenty of forewarning to move stuff out of the country prior to the weapons inspectors going in as well.

This is a war that will never stop and we have to stay focused. Senator Kerry has the luxury of 20-20 hindsight to hammer Bush for everything.

He says he has a plan for every problem here and abroad but never offers any specifics or how to pay for those plans. I won't bother to go into Domestic issues like partial-birth abortion or same-sex Marriage. I believe it would be a big mistake to remove Bush from office at this critical time for our country for innumerable reasons.

Name: Jeffrey Rathburn FF/EMT Charlotte Co Fire/EMS FL
comments: I am a 20 yr veteran to the fire service and was just recently hired here in Charlotte County.

Because of the IAFF's support of John Kerry, I am very seriously considering not joining the local union.

I had the great pleasure of meeting President Bush in person after Hurricane Charley stomped on us. He is truly a man of compassion and sincerity. He wasn't supposed to stop into the EOC because of the damage to the building and the lack of security, but he told his secret service men that he was coming here to meet each and every person. It was standing room only when he arrived. He shook hands with each person in the building. He also gave many comforting hugs and words to many of us who had been through so much because of the hurricane. When he spoke, we knew he was speaking from his heart. We felt his truth and honesty in his words.

Unfortunately, I also briefly met Senator Kerry. He showed up here with several photographers and quickly moved through the building to be on his way. When we told him what we were doing all he had to say was "Thats neat!" Then he left with a wave. Very few people here even stood up when he came in or even looked at him as he walked by. He had nothing to offer any of us. He was only here to get his picture in the paper.

George Bush is a true man of faith. He stands on his word and he is exactly what this country needs to continue to move ahead in a promising direction. My families future depends on this president. He will bring back the good morals this country needs so desperately. I urge everyone to re-elect George W. Bush for our president.

God Bless all of my fellow firefighters and their families. Most of all, God Bless George W. Bush, his family and this "Great Nation"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: FF John Kurkowski Grand Rapids Michigan
comments: I am not one of the sheep that will follow whatever the international says. Go W!

A four page letter from our union reps will not sway me.

Name: Matt Bell ENGINE 21-a Tulsa OK

Name: Jeff Spagnolo, Local 2073
comments: The time is near, lets all remember to VOTE and return a real leader to the White House!

Name: Kevin Utz, Westminster, Md - PROUD VOLUNTEER
comments: We are very fortunate to have a commander in chief who is a true LEADER. GO "W"

Name: Keith Dalpe Bridgton Fire Dept, Maine
comments: I just can't believe there are so many people who believe the bull that Kerry hands out, he will kiss the glutes of anyone who will back him, at that moment.

This guy should be selling used cars NOT running for president..

"W" is our man - Vote Bush

Name: Captain Bob Gardiner, Phoenix Fire, Ladder 4, Local 493
comments: I would like to make it clear that I admire the hard work that our Union Local does on our behalf in regard to contract issues etc.

But it is obvious that the President of the IAFF has political aspirations. He lied about polling our membership about the Presidential candidates in the same way that John Kerry has lied about his service record for political gain.

The overwhelming number of firefighters I know support President Bush. I have always voted my morals and values, not the size of my paycheck!

It is because of this that I wholeheartedly support President George W. Bush!!!

Name: Michael Brooke, Volunteer Firefighter / EMT-IV tech, Sharon Fire & Rescue, Sharon, WIsconsin
comments: There is a lot of respect for Firefighters across this great nation of ours. I see it in our little farming community. We can make a difference, but we need to speak to all of those who respect our profession, and even more so since 9/11, by speaking out in favor of President Bush.

May God Bless all Firefighters, EMT's, 1st responders and their families. May we not forget our fallen comrades.

May God Bless President Bush for another 4 years. And may God Bless America.

Name: Ken Barton, Captain, Tulsa Fire Dept., St. 51-B
comments: I am most definitely voting for President George W. Bush. I am a career firefighter, a Democrat, and a gun owner who realizes that President Bush has said he is for our rights and has proven it.

On the other hand, John Kerry has said he is a hunter, while voting to outlaw almost all center-fire hunting ammunition, as well as semi-automatic firearms (including the one he holds in that commercial). He's a liar who will do anything to get elected.

I was not polled (and neither was any other firefighter I know) as to who I supported. My vote is for George W. Bush, a man who stands behind what he says.

We need a leader, not a weasel.

Name: Michelle Duran and kids
comments: We are very proud to support our firefighter husband/father who works at Kingsley Field, an Air Guard Base here in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We also our proud as a family to support BUSH for another 4 years.

Name: C. Wayne Miller
comments: I am the Fire Chief in Sweden ME. Without this administration's continued support of the fire service with the fire act grants we would not have some of the needed equipment that we have. Thank you so very much for caring.

Name: Local 2801 Firefighter, Suffolk, Va
comments: It is nice to have a forum to express my opinion without being made to feel that you have betrayed your brothers and sisters.

Interesting enough is the fact that most of my brothers and sisters seem to support Bush off the record too, but when confronted by the IAFF, feel that they have been strong armed into the endorsement of Kerry.

I don't recall ever being polled on my opinion in the matter prior to this endorsement. Go Bush!

Name: Joshua McBee, FireFighter, TEXAS
comments: Bush has always done this country right in my eyes he deserves to keep doing so, after he did such a great job in the case of 9/11

Git-er-dun BUSH !!!!

Name: Christopher D. Flippin: Francisco Fire & Rescue Station 34
comments: I don't really know what I can add to what everyone else has already said. So I guess I can just say..Thank You for standing by the greatest President we have ever had. I wonder why the news media doesn't ask any of the boys & girls in the uniforms who they plan to vote for. Again thank ya'll for everything you're doing!

Name: bfddoc423
comments: Was not polled by IAFF. Have sent several e-mails to IAFF, received no reply. I am U.S.M.C Viet Nam Vet. & Firefighter/ Paramedic and support President Bush 100%. Heard on Fox News that if your union's political views are different from your own that you can demand that part of your dues returned. How do we do this?

ED: Check into our bulletin board - we've had quite a few discussions about your Beck rights, but it appears that the unions are finding ways around the Beck ruling.

Name: John Latham FF/PARAMEDIC

Name: Teresa Richardson
comments: I am the wife of a firefighter and also work as Admin. Assistant for Fire Chief. My husband and I both fully support President Bush!

Name: Jeff Pierson Lisle-Woodridge Fire District Illinois L.U. 2986
comments: Kerry's complacency and ineptness during his current tenure in the Senate would be a strategic plus for all terrorists who are currently aiming at the U.S. We cannot afford the risk. GO BUSH!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Lt. Jeff Miller Local 2429

Name: Lawanna Palmer
comments: Thank you for this web site. It brings me peace knowing that there really are first responders who support Bush for re-election.

I was beginning to think that you guys had forgotten that horrible day, all who were lost and the fact that President Bush emerged as the strong President that he is.

Thank you!

Name: L Winterberry
comments: Firefighters for Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The covers of the magazine are demeaning to conservative, christian firefighters! They are shoving Kerry down firefighters throats, they need to let men make their own choices!!

We lost too many firefighters on 9-11!

Name: Scott from West Virginia Local 317
comments: It's looking as though WV is going to pull for Bush again this year. Our state has been run by the Democratic Party for years and is near last in almost everything.

While there are a lot in the Democratic Party that are more in line with President Bush, some of the hard line democrats have held this state down for 50 years!

Glad to see their eyes are being opened. By the way, I know of very few members of our Union that are voting for Kerry, though oddly enough our Union supports him. Strange? 70% (conservatively speaking) of our members will vote BUSH!

Though I haven't polled all of them, I have definately talked to more of them than the Union LEADERS have!!!

Name: Kim Muchmore, wife of Firefighter in Cape Coral, FL
comments: Thank you for getting the word out that not all firefighters are for Kerry. I rip up the literature that the IAFF sends to our house praising Kerry...it is sickening! Keep up the good work. Pray hard and vote Bush!!

Name: Michael Femrite (FF/EMT)
comments: A 640% increase in funding to fire departments, is not something to be looked over. Even though my department has not seen any of this funding, as a Paid on Call fireman, I understand how hard money is to come by and what makes me stay with this deptartment is pride.

As proud as I am to be a fireman, I am even more proud to be an American. So I will stand behind any president that defends this country and backs it's public service employees.

Name: Mike Voorhies

Name: Firehouse 2 Miami Dade
comments: Our elitest union heads are trying to do everything in their power to make sure every fireman totes the IAFF Democratic line.

Not going to buy their lies. Our Local 1403 is just like John Kerry - tells you one thing and does the exact opposite, for their own personnal gains.


Name: Frank Coleman, Firefighter, Chicago Fire Dept,, IAFF Local #2
comments: It is amazing how the Dems and Kerry have totally taken for granted the votes from the Firefighter community as theirs!

Speaking as an African American and proud to be AMERICAN, I can truly say that I have witnessed the move toward Socialism this nation is on.

We need to support the President and squash this "gimme mentality" that's out there.


Name: Bret Williams
comments: Go Bush ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Name: Roger Groves
comments: I am a 15 year veteran of the Fire Service and I can proudly say I support Pres. Bush for re-election.

Name: LTC M.R.Keller USAF Ret. and wife Edith
comments: We are proud parents of a Kansas City, Mo. Fireman and are are grateful that there is such an Org. as yours , expressing freedom to back whom you chose !

You are so brave and we are proud of you as you have taken the stand for ALL that is true and honest and good for a stronger America with Goerge Bush !

Keep up the good works and be strong and proud of your loved ones who, God knows, did not die in vain .

We shall never forget them ! God Bless America and you Brave Americans

Name: Jon Peteron
comments: RRFD supports you

Name: Kelly Tomlin, Plano (TX) Fire/Rescue, L2149
comments: Great site. Good to know that there are plenty of others that feel the same as I.

Name: Steven McEvoy Mobile Al Fire Dept Local 1349
comments: I've been in the military both active and reserve for 15 years. I saw first hand what Clinton did to the military.

We don't need that again with Kerry for our military and our fire service.

Name: Randall Schmidt Lieutenant Raleigh Fire Department
comments: Glad to see the web site and find out I am not the only one that disagrees with the IAFF.

The best thing we can do as firefighters is get out and vote and let the IAFF know it would be nice to have our opinion considered.

Go Bush

Name: Britney
comments: ok i am too young to vote but i vote for Bush because he held up for the past four years

He's keeping us from worring about bomb threats in schools and communities & he's also against abortion i dont see how anyone could be for it I'm all for Bush Keep up with the vote on Bush he needs to win they say Kerrys going to end the war well whats going to happen when we get another attack is he going to tell us "Oh its ok they wont do it again?" No - bush will do what we need to be safe VOTE BUSH!!!!!!

Name: Tim Steinman, Springfield, OH
comments: I support Bush all the way !!! I remember on September 14th 2001, he showed his support for the New York fire fighters as he stood at ground zero and he said " I hear you and America hears you!" That kicks a** - I'll never forget that!!!! As for Kerry what a wimp - and his wife calling people idiots for not supporting her flip flopping husband. GO W '04 !!!!!!!!!!

Name: Lieutenant Daniel Booker
comments: The only thing the IAFF has done for me is provide a way to pay the cable and newspaper bills at the firehouse, otherwise I'm ashamed to be a member. George W. Bush makes me proud to be an American Firefighter!

Name: F.F. Michael Lenderink - Eaton Fire Dept. - Eaton, CO
comments: I support a leader who can make his mind, not change it each time you ask him about his opinion. GO BUSH!

Name: David Stewart Driver/operator/PM Gainesville, FL Local 2157
comments: I am withdrawing from the IAFF after 28 years. I will finish out my career as a scab.

In Gods eyes, I think he will be proud. Don't fret most of the firefighters I work with stand behind BUSH...Thank God for our brave soldiers and W...

Name: Ray McDaniel FF/PM local #3852
comments: Keep up the great job that you're doing and thanks for the web site. Local #3852 supports President Bush

Name: Jerry Tracy Battalion Chief FDNY
comments: Bush is the only candidate that will protect our security and future of the United States. Kerry is a fraud!

God Bless America

Name: Jeffrey S. Gable, Firefighter/ EMT, Engine 92, Fayetteville, GA

Name: Brett Gonzalez, Firefighter/Paramedic NAS Pensacola FD
comments: I know most all the guys at my house on Corry station support Bush all the way. Loved the way he came into Pensacola 2 days after Ivan to show his support to all our hard work.

Name: Carla
comments: While I was at work today, I noticed a firefighter who was wearing a t-shirt that stated, "Firefighters for Bush" and listed this web site.

Being a supporter of Bush, I remembered the information and checked the site when I got home. I know this firefighter was as concerned as I am with the things that are being said and this way-to-close of a race that is now going on.

I told him that if that "idiot, Kerry, were to win, I'll cry". His reply to me was ... "So will I". I will never forget those words.

To hear a man whose career has always been one of "heros" to me, was sad.

These are people, like our military, who fight for us day after day. It is so sad that our nation is in such a conflict.

How can anyone believe that lying, back-stabbing SOB to our country is beyond me. While living day to day in an area close to a very large Air Force base, I worry for the service men and women whom I meet on a daily basis.

My concerns are for them, their families and for our entire area. I've heard that we are, or could be, a target area for possible terrorist attacks. It doesn't make me any less proud of all of our men and women who have decided that they will be a part of the fight against such terroristic acts as the attack on the towers and our pentegon, and for all the innocent people who died on 9-11.

God help us and lets pray for another 4 years with our fabulous President!!!

Name: Jerald J Lange Cincinnati F.D. (Ret)
comments: Proud to be a supporter of George Bush and extremely disappointed in the IAFF's endorsement of John Kerry.




Name: Lt. Anthony Zarella, Sharon Fire Dept. local #417
comments: Being a professional fire fighter for 16 years, (Sept.11, 1989-present) a volunteer for 3 years prior, and a member of the U.S Air Force reserves as an Aircraft crash fire rescue specialist(1985-95), I abhor what John Kerry did upon his return from vietnam.

Most of the men I served with in the reserves were former Vietnam vets and I would say the majority who served during that war would say the same thing, they may not have agreed to the politics involved but believed in the heart of the mission and served their country with pride, no matter what!

What he did before the senate, was/is a disgrace to our nation and our vets!

I do not like this man nor would I ever vote for him.

I do support president Bush and I will continue to do so.

I also take offense at my union dues being used to support John Kerry without the IAFF leadership ever asking members approval first.

Name: Tracy L. Winiarz
comments: We need a President that is committed, moral, does not waver and supports "In God We Trust", and "One Nation, Under God."

The one is President Bush, hands down!

God Bless.

Name: Richard L Patton
comments: At Fire Station # 17 in Cleveland Ohio we have a Firefighter for Kerry but fortunately we have 15 Firefighters for Bush who are attempting to correct the error of his ways. We will not stop trying.

Name: John Canaga
comments: I am for the idea of uniting the brothers and sisters of the fire service. I don't believe that the way the IAFF is doing it is the right way.

My beliefs and my morals should not be compromised in the empty promises of John Kerry or any one else that says the fire service will be better off with them in office.

We could have the best fire service but this is totally selfish to choose a candidate that doesn't have a clue when it comes to leading a great nation in a time where decision making has tremendous consequences.

George W. Bush carries a badge of a fallen police officer in his pocket, My father spent 30 years as a Deputy Sheriff. I will be voting for a strong man, a stong leader, and someone that will keep this country from becoming anything else but greatest nation in the World.

Name: Firefighter/Paramedic Steve Shapiro Fairfax Co. Fire/Rescue V.A.
comments: Thank you for standing up for what's right!

If we had the same strong leadership in the oval office during the Clinton Era that we had on 9/1, I believe those tragic events would never have happened.

As you well know Pres. Bush Sr. had deployed U.S. troops to Somalia on a humanitarian mission prior to Clinton taking office. When he took over as Commander in Chief he turned our troops over to NATO. Osama Bin Laden & his counterparts saw that our leadership was weak & decided to put it to the test by attacking our troops & dragging their dead bodies through the streets as seen in Blackhawk Down. Our supposed allies responded by doing nothing.

That is precisely why the lead country in the free world should not turn over the leadership of its military to rulers of 3rd world countries.

Al-Queda proved that, as they suspected, our leadership was WEAK. 9-11 was preceded withother attacks on the U.S.A ie The World Trade Center bombings, Khobar Towers, U.S. Embassy bombings along with the U.S.S. Cole.

Clinton did nothing in response to any of these attrocities.

Even when the Sudanese government told that administration that Bin-Laden was in their country & they were concerned with his activities, Clinton did NOTHING.

Then, when Bin-Laden was leaving the country, they again provided that administration with a location & tail# of his aircraft.

Had America had effective leadership at that time, 9/11 might not have happened. It did happen & once again Al-Queda tested our leadership, only this time there was a New Sheriff in town!

Our country is safer than it has ever been in recent years because we have a leader of character & resolve.

If we trade our STRONG President for an indecisive, socialist weasel, I'm afraid for the future of our great country & that of my children.

Stay Strong, BUSH IN 2004!!!

Name: Brian Shand Local 101 Duluth, MN
comments: I might be hanging from the tree in my front yard by tomorrow, but what the hell. Go Bush!

ED: You might be surprised at how much "silent" support there is in the firehouses of MN. ;-) You're not alone!

Name: Steve Burzynski
comments: Skippack Fire For Bush! Go BUSH! I am in the heart of PA!!!!!!

Name: Walter Coon Volunteer/Cherrydale Vol. Fire Dept #3 Arlington, Va
comments: I just want to thank the vollies that made up the website and God bless all our brothers in the fireservice and all the 343 firefighters we lost on 9-11-01 in the WTC

God bless our great president George W. Bush! I'm behind George W. all the way even though some of my family don't agree w/ me ha ha but oh well. Better to be safe than sorry, right? GO BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bush forever!!!!!

Name: Rodger Olson, San Marcos, Texas, Firefighter Local #3963

comments: Firefighting Brothers and Sisters, the irony here is this; our "International Association" tries to meld us together by using the terms "Brotherhood and brother and sister and family".

Yet when it comes down to the single most important decision we will make as a family for the next four years, the IAFF throws all those terms out.

Then they throw the weight of our large political machine behind a candidate that very few of us support!

They do this without so much as a polling of the membership to see where the majority stood on the issue. I understand that over the years, unions as a whole supported the more liberal democrat party. I feel the reason for this was they were going up against the big businesses that were on the other side of the fence.

This is not the case with us nor has it ever been. Yet every time we have a national election our leaders, whoever they may be, choose without asking us, the members, who we would like to back.

As I hear it, at the recent IAFF convention, Kerry made all kinds of promises to the firefighters who attended. Well it's time for the IAFF to wake up and smell the roses - sure he can make these promises but he will never make good on them!

Get ready Brother Firefighters!

Because right now as a nation we are fighting terror on foreign soil - if Kerry takes office we will be fighting it right here on our own soil!

Name: Capt Tom Hoy, NYCFD RET
comments: Thank God for this web site, after reading all the crap in the liberal press one would think that all firefighters have lost their moral convictions and will vote for Flip-Flop-John.

Now our international is degrading the NYC frefighters union for suporting Bush! Well, that's what their membership wanted, not like our international, who continually backs a liberal who will say anything to get elected.

We appreciated the help and support we received from our brothers throughout the country but to say we turned our backs on them to support Bush is obviously just cheap propaganda from the international.

We all have met guys like Kerry, who write themselves up for dubius "heroic" deeds and sustained insignificant injuries and after awhile start to believe his press clippings, but the guys who where there know the truth.

We've all known the real heroes in the fire service and to a man they never boast about their deeds. Guys, keep the faith and maybe we can get some leadership in our international.

ED: I hope you can tell by the guestbook and bulletin board that real firefighters have prayed with you every step of the way since 9-11 and cheered your courageous endorsement. We're with you, even if union officials are not.

Name: Lieutenant Phil Tufano / Ladder 143, Queens FDNY
comments: As Yogi Berra once said "It's deja vu all over again."

America is at war and the eternal disgrace that is John F Kerry has revisited his role as cheerleader for America's enemies. Looking to cut and run with his tail between his lanky legs as usual.

Shades of Vietnam and his 1971 Senate slander of an entire generation of Soldiers? You bet.

Dan Rather is an example of why this race has even been close for as long as it has. The media are covering up for this traitor low life but it won't work.

REAL Americans know what they see when they watch this opportunist fraud. He is dangerous and despite the foolish endorsement of my own union (the UFOA) and the IAFF, decent Americans will return Bush to office.

Furthermore, 90% plus of the rank and file support Bush. Reflexive union support for Dems, (who never actually DO anything for labor anyway) is shameful at this crucial juncture . GO BUSH!!!

Name: Dwayne Clemmons - Firefighter/Medic - Mangohick VFD, King William County, VA
comments: I have been in the fire service for over 35 years. I have served in every position from Junior to Fire Chief.

I am convinced that President Bush is the man who needs to be in command at this time in our history - more than ever before.

He demonstrates all of the characteristics that the TRUE fire service in this country embodies. He demonstrates courage under fire - tenacity, honesty, honor, integrity, and a deep seeded faith in God. He is a proven leader who embodies the spirit and essence of a public servant. He says what he means and he does what he says.

I wish the IAFF could be honest and admit their personal agenda but you know in every lie there is an element of truth. Sadly, they are deceived and don't know it.

But, the not knowing is the primary element of deception.

Name: Cruz Arellanes Oakland Fire Dept., Oakland, CA
comments: I am a 30yr veteran F/F, a lifelong democrat, a elected union official (IAFF Local 55).

I support George W. Bush for President '04 (4 more years).

Name: Mark Early, El Segundo, CA. L3682
comments: I, too, am in full support of President Bush as our nation's leader and especially as our Commander in Chief. It boggles my mind that so many people are blinded to what an awesome job President Bush has done in taking this "war on terror" to the terrorists own backyards. He has kept his promise to us as a nation that keeping America safe and fighting the terrorists would be his administration's top priority.

May the Lord continue to watch over our president and grant him wisdom, courage and strength of heart in all of his duties, and continue to provide for his safety as well.

Thanks to all of you out there who are speaking up and supporting our Commander in Chief. Let's keep up the good work and continue to stand behind this "good man" with the "servant's heart".

God bless and be safe.

Name: Michael Thompson dispatcher
comments: I for one am very sick of seeing Kerry surround himself with individuals wearing "Firefighters for Kerry" shirts.

Whenever I talk to anyone outside of the Fire Dept, they automatically assume all firefighters are for Kerry. Thank God for this site.

How could anyone support a man who is a coward, liar and anti-military liberal such as Kerry?

I support Bush all the way and I hope our union will wake up and hear our voices. By the way, I'm not a firefighter, just a dispatcher.

Name: Jason A. Casey
comments: The reason the economy is in the tank is from 8 years of Clinton catching up, combined with the terror attacks. The last thing we need is another weak leader. Go W.

Name: Michael McCusker
comments: In support of President Bush

Name: Dan St. John CFD Local 48
comments: I am disgusted and offended everytime I see those yellow FF for Kerry t-shirts on the national news.

What is more disturbing is that the IAFF and my local executive board assume that I and the majority would blindly endorse Kerry!

I would bet that over 1/2 to 2/3 of the Cincinnati Fire Dept support President Bush. I believe that the IAFF was wrong in not asking the the thousands of FFs across the nation which candidate we support.

I served in the USMC under President Reagan so I was fortunate to have a great Commander-in-Chief. We must never forget 9-11 and that we are at war.

President Bush has done a great job for our country. Kerry is despicable.

Name: Joanne Murdock, wife of Lt with Martinez Fire Dept
comments: The fire depts in our area are not union. But I know the our firefighters support George W. Bush!

God Bless and keep all of America's Heroes Safe.

Name: Dave Koch Vancouver USA FD
comments: The IAFF does not speak for us all. The IAFF is missing the big picture.

This country is not just about us, it's about all of us. Geogre Bush is clearly a good President who isn't out to destroy Unions.

If he is good enough for the New York Fire Department then he is good enough for me.

The IAFF support Of Kerry is based on selfishness only. I think the word needs to get out that many of us are against the IAFF support of Kerry. Go President Bush. We're behind you.

PS Just a thought. Kerry supports us now but that could all change is he gets elected.

Name: B. Clark
comments: Lets KEEP America safe with a strong leader like BUSH....

Name: Bill Ver Steeg, Driver/P/HMT -- EFD - Euless, TX - L3548
comments: I am a conservative and a Bush supporter. I see the great things that our local does for the community and for that reason I will remain a union brother.

However, I can not and will not support the liberal drivel that spews from the IAFF leadership (if you can call it that). It's high time that our leadership hears its members rather than trying to ram its opinions down our throat.

They are supposed to be there to represent the members, but it appears they are there to only represent themselves and their interests.


God Bless America & our President!

Name: Jack Watson (Battalion Chief Euless FD Retired)
comments: Thank you for this Web Site. I support President Bush and our troops. I resent the Union pushing Kerry down our throat. Keep up the good work President Bush.

Name: Norman Hoprich Capt.Retired,M.H.F.D.Maple Hts.,Ohio
comments: I am proud to add my name in support of G.W.Bush. He and all you Firefighters are in our prayers.

Name: C.B.Russell Local 886 San Angelo

Name: John Thompson, TFD
comments: I assume the IAFF supports Kerry because they believe he can deliver the money they think will make us safer. But would we really be more safe under a Kerry administration?

President Bush would rather fight our enemies abroad, not wait to be attacked again. He is taking the fight to the terrorists, on their home turf.

Three years ago, 343 of our fellow IAFF brothers were murdered by terrorists who did not care what their political affiliation was. Fighting terrorists here? We've been there. We don't need to be there again. The best defense is always a good offense. And true firefighter safety comes from aggressive policies that root out and destroy those who want to destroy us.

I haven't seen many of those yellow t-shirts on TV lately. Maybe others are waking up to reality.

Name: Kurt Gordon Wilton, Maine

Name: Jerry Couse, Asst. Chief, Livingston Fire Dist., New York
comments: Great to see and hear all the suport for our President.

I thought that the IAFF was different from other unions. That's what I get for thinking. Sounds like typical union hierarchy.

We need 4 more with GW. At least we know what he stands for and what his plans are. Like them or not he has them and we know what they are.

As for Kerry, what day of the week is it or where is he. Maybe we could guess what he will stand for, at least for a day. Maybe.

Name: FF Bryan Zoch, Taylor, TX Fire Department -age 27
comments: It is very encouraging to see all of the support for our president on this website.

It is also reassuring as a husband and a father to see a man leading our country with the morals and vision as President Bush does. It is obvious in his actions and words that he means what he says!

A man that is confronted with a situation and faces it head on despite the minority in the populace.

Let's also remember, freedom isn't free!

Let's fight for the future of our country just as our fathers did for us!

Name: Timothy J. Lyon Local 215 Milwaukee Fire Dept.
comments: Let's put something on here and in the news about our Union Local 215, supporting George W. Bush during the Republican National Convention. We were televisied on CSpan and nothing was said in our local newspaper.

Name: Brent Smith, IAFF Local 2917, Texas
comments: I was not physically at ground zero but I was there in spirit. All or at least most of us that are Americans felt something that can never be forgotten for those that lost their life in such a devastating tragic event. I do understand why we are in this war and exactly why we must continue with it.

I do not agree nor condone with the decision for the IAFF to back John Kerry!

Name: FF Vockert ISC FIRE & RESCUE, Kodiak AK
comments: He has my vote!!!!

Name: Chad Carson
comments: I am for George W, as well as my whole shift. The IAFF needs to understand that more than half its members will be voting for Bush.


For A Stranger America

Name: Paul Hegenberger Washington TWP Fire/ Dublin, OH
comments: Keep up the good work in getting the message out and hopefully many will come to their senses by the time Nov 2 rolls around.

Name: Firefighter Eric Murphy L416
comments: I too have been disgusted at the candidates that have been endorsed by our union president. It's time we pull out of the union in order to stop our money supporting people we are not for. Personally, I make sure I send the GOP more money than what I pay in dues just to offset it. Our local leaders try to convince us to stay on our union even though our majority is conservative. What's the use if the only thing they are interested is our money and not our thoughts and opinion?

Name: Joseph Wright, Firefighter, CSFA Member.
comments: Go Bush!

Name: Jeffrey G. Smith Lt. Local 366 Grand Rapids Fire Dept.
comments: I think that this administration has been dealt as difficult a series of events that this nation has ever seen and has had to endure situations that we can only imagine. I don't envy the role of this administration and our President, but would like to say that I appreciate the job they are doing.

Name: Thomas Callihan
comments: As a teacher, I know that our unions sometimes don't agree politically with its members. As a Volunteer Fire Chief, I couldn't be more proud to see everyone stand behind our President. I am a Volunteer Coordinator for the Bush/Cheney Campaign in Pennsylvania.

Name: George Temes
comments: IAFF leadership may have lots to gain by cozying up to Kerry, but anyone who actually loads turnouts up on to a pumper or a truck in the morning knows the HUGE majority of guys are voting for W.

If there is anything we can appreciate in this profession, it's leadership and dependability.

Get the brothers and sisters out to the polls on 11/02 and show America who FIREFIGHTERS really support!

Name: Cary Logan , Amarillo ,Texas
comments: I have been a firefighter for 29 years and a member of local 542 for 27 of those. I had to remove my self and money from any assosiation with the international orginization due to their continuous support of every liberal politician who comes down the pike. I have done a survey of firefighters in my department and there is about 8 to 1 members in favor of Bush - a real shame that there are even those 8 are in favor of Kerry .

Name: Blake Bowers
comments: If for no other reason, Firefighters rally behind George Bush because NO administration has done so much for Fire Departments to help save lives and property.

Name: Chief Kevin Guimond Local 1476 South Portland ME
comments: Again the IAFF places the interest of a few over the vast majority of it's members. My department is 85% pro Bush.


Name: Eric Troxler, L #2119, Reedy Creek Fire Dept., Florida
comments: I am a Democrat and I support President Bush.

He understands the nature of the evil our counrty faces. It will be a long and hard fought battle and he is the only one with the courage and wisdom to make the hard choices of our time.

I have been present for 2 Presidential visits in our area and I have seen that he is a good, honest, down to earth man who cares for each and every person in this country and has a bright vision for the future.

Name: Tony Arsbon Retired FF/EMT Hobbs NM
comments: The union has reared it's ugly face in Hobbs for the first time in 50 years of the FF history it is not pretty!

It's time for firefighters to stand up to the few bad UNION politician fire fighters that think they can speak for everyone else!

George Bush is the type of president that stands up and states his feelings and supports AMERICA. I Live 4 miles off the Texas border in New Mexico and I saw first hand what he can do for this country...Ask the fire fighters of Texas how he helped and supported them almost all agree this is the man for the job!

Stand Fast and speak for yourself...NO UNION POLITICS!!!

Name: Jack Bennett
comments: Retired after 35 years with Houston, Texas FD. Six years in the military. We need a president that has the conviction and strength to protect us in the global war on terrorism. This person is President George W. Bush. His core values are the same ours. Less government in our lives, a good education system and a safe country in which to live.

The leadership of the IAFF does not consider the fact that most of us are conservative in our views.Keep up the good work and reelect President George W. Bush.

Name: Scott Schoenfeld, Firefighter/Emt-I Somers,Wis.
comments: President Bush's word is his word, like a good ole fashion handshake to secure a deal, and that is one of the best reasons to vote Bush-Cheney come November.

We can't have a president that doesn't know where he stands and doing the flip-flop like Kerry has been doing this whole campaign.

Bush sticks by his word no matter what! Bush will win this election and we will have 4 more years!

Name: John K Mulvihill L38

Name: Rob Kreisel - Belton, MO - Local 42 (Kansas City)
comments: I also was not asked by the IAFF who I support. I think the YELLOW Firefighters for Kerry t-shirts are an appropriate color. I think the numbers would be a shock if the union actually polled every member to see who they would endorse.

Don't get me wrong, I am pro-labor, but Bush is not anti-labor, and there are certainly much bigger issues for which Mr. Kerry just does not measure up.

Encourage your fellow firefighters to vote!

Name: Alexia (last name withheld - minor)
comments: hi i like to say that Bush is my person. I want him to be president.... who wouldn't? I'm lucky I found this web site, this helped me for home work. This and some other stuff has gotten me a A+ for workin with firefighters on line. I love you guys - thank you for helping me on my home work. If I could vote i would vote for Bush - all my friends would too! We said that he is very honest..... we hope Bush wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ED: Glad you got some help with your homework, Alexia! ;)

Name: Scott Freitag, St. Charles City Fire Department, Local 757
comments: As a former Republican union executive for my local, I can honestly say that most firefighters in my area are Republican. As a matter of fact, while in attendance at a state wide union executive meeting, leaders asked the question, "Why is 80% of our membership Republican?"

Knowing this, they still take my money and back the Democratic candidate.

Where is the representation that the union speaks so highly of?

I want my voice heard, stop sending my money to a candidate that is not supported by the majority of union members!!!!!!!

My support goes to those that back family values, national security, and my job security.

Name: Steve Buffano Local 3709
comments: It's good to see not all of our union brothers and sisters are buying into the BS our international is sending us. It's to bad the public only sees what our international puts forward not the rank and file.

ED: I don't know, Steve - we're getting too many hits to account for only firefighters and first responders. And we've been mentioned in some mainstream (leftstream?) media pieces, lately, so the word is getting out to the people. Local FF4B efforts have the best chance of reaching the electorate in time. We will keep fighting for every vote, right up to election day.

Name: Jason Hoffman, 2nd Asst Chief. Washington Twp Fire Department
Going after the animals who are responsible for 9-11.

Visiting our brothers everywhere he goes including ground zero while still in danger.

Praying for us while we should be praying for him.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program.

These are his convictions. President Bush is not one of us as firefighters, but he gives us strength and support in all times of need.

If you want to take a chance on giving all of this up to a man who talks about being there with us all the way, yet before he was nominated by the DNC and got backing from the IAFF union none of us knew who he was, then by all means vote for Kerry.

If not, vote for what we all know is right. Would our fathers approve of Kerry? Mine wouldnt. No matter what happens on November 2, Thank God for President Bush.

Name: Chip Johnston, FF/Medic So. Lake Tahoe Fire
comments: I recently found out about your awesome site through a Brother across the stateline in NV.

Our association recently voted in the IAFF, majority rules. I have never been a real UNION type guy, and when I found out that they were supporting Kerry I had to speak up.

I didn't want my dues to go to this guy, but I hade to support my brothers' votes. So, to counter this situation I have pledged 4x my dues fees/mo to the BUSH Campaign and will support him no matter what! Bush is the Man !

Name: Michelle D. Latimer FF/EMT Shoreline Fire, WA
comments: Thanks for creating a great site that supports Bush, the best candidate with true American values.

Name: Gerry, Cambridge MA Local 30
comments: You guys and gals in the "battleground states" have only 33 days to make sure people make the right choice on November 2nd! We know who should be re-elected President, lets make sure we spread the word.

Name: Patrick Schaefer , LCFD Firefighter Montgomery, TX
comments: President Bush has done more for this country than people realize.

And what he did after 9/11 was great. He is a great President so let's get him in there for four more years.

Plus hey.... he is a Texas boy.

Name: Isaac Stott, Firefighter/Paramedic - Eugene, OR

Name: Dan Whitaker - New London, OH - Volunteer FF/EMT
comments: Just wanted to let you all know I support your cause, even though I am not a union firefighter. Even us volunteers feel you guys are doing t