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Fire Fighters For Bush!
Who We Are

No, Jay did NOT light this fire. It's a training exercise.
Jason (Jay) Reimer is a Captain in the Reedley Fire Department in Reedley, CA. David Powell is the Reedley Fire Chief. Together they registered FirefightersForBush.com in January, with the idea of countering the IAFF's political statements. Here's Jay:

"David and I were talking one evening in January about the President and thought it would be great to show support for President Bush from firefighters and actually reveal how much we appreciate his leadership.

"I like to think President Bush is a Firefighter at heart. He has shown his bravery on the fireline on 9/11 and demonstrated his steel in the years following in his relentless persuit of terrorists that endanger everyone in America. He's fearless!"

When President Bush's first TV ad hit the airwaves and the IAFF attacked the ads, Jay and David were innundated with emails from firefighters wanting to help. Webmasters, Graphic artists, P.R. people and retired firefighters pitched in to help as well. Unintentionally, the IAFF had created a groundswell of support for the Firefighters For Bush crew.

There's no big money organization behind Firefighters For Bush. Nobody's bankrolling us, and the Republican Party didn't ask us to do this. We're just a group of people who are fed up with being told that America's firefighters are not behind this President. We're mad enough and proud enough to make a difference.

More than anything, Firefighters For Bush is you. If you're a firefighter who supports our President, then you're just as much a part of this as we are. 9/11 belongs to all of us - all Americans, no matter what our politics or beliefs might be. George W. Bush provided the leadership our country needed in those vital days following the attack. We still remember the flags on every car and in every yard. We haven't forgotten the way our nation rallied around the President, or the confidence he gave us all, showing up at Ground Zero against the wishes of the Secret Service.

Now it's time to give something back. Stop letting the media and the IAFF define who you are, and get involved!

Reedley firefighters at ground zero.